OECD activities related to productivity

Over the summer of 2015, there have been some new developments with respect to the OECD work on productivity. 

OECD Meeting, 6 July 2015 (Mexico City)

Anil Yilmaz, Vice President of EANPC, attended the OECD meeting "Global Forum on the Future of Productivity: Towards an OECD Productivity Network" which he felt was fruitful and promising in terms of future OECD engagement with regard to productivity. A new book titled "The Future of Productivity" was also unveiled during the meeting. The next meeting on this topic will take place in Portugal, since the Portuguese government volunteered to host the event.

New book "The Future of Productivity"  

The research into The Future of Productivity is part of the OECD's New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) project, an Organisation-wide reflection on the roots and lessons to be learned from the global economic crisis, as well as an exercise to review and update its analytical frameworks. In order to find out more about this new publication by OECD, click here

Towards an OECD Productivity Network Productivity has slowed in many OECD countries, raising concerns about prospects for the future. Against this backdrop, it is little surprise that many countries have established Productivity Commissions or possess entities that serve a similar role. According to the OECD, these separate efforts could benefit from closer international co-operation to facilitate the sharing of expereinces and best practices, enhance links with the global research community and foster dialogue with business and labour groups. To address these needs, the OECD proposes to create a Productivity Network. More info? Click here.

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OECD activities related to productivity

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