EANPC President speaks at EUWIN event

"When we win, euwin"

The European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN) celebrated its third year with a large scale event in Leuven (Belgium) on 9 September 2015. Together with Flanders Synergy and the University of Leuven, EUWIN provided a mix of interactive sessions, company visits to leading advanced manufacturers in Belgium and insights into the future of workplace innovation in Europe. EUWIN representatives also announced that they will continue for a fourth year with the support of the European Commission. 

At the EUWIN event, a new Eurofound publication was launched titled "Third European Company Survey - Workplace Innovation in European Companies". The report examines the motives behind the adoption of Workplace Innovation (WPI) and describes its implementation across companies in Europe. It analyses the impacts of WPI from the perspective of the different players – organisation, management, employees and employee representatives – in 51 companies across 10 EU Member States.

As one of EUWIN's strategic partners, John Heap (President of EANPC) spoke on behalf of the European Productivity Network during the session titled "Who are the key stakeholders & how to keep them on our side?". He stressed the fact that if we can increase productivity by (only) 4% the next generation will be off twice as well. Mr Heap continued by explaining to the audience that social innovation is incorporated in EANPC's view on productivity as symbolised by the productivity flower and expressed his hope that EUWIN's efforts with regard to workplace innovation will increase productivity, and - in the larger scheme of things - the sharing of wealth.


As a strategic partner, EANPC asked EUWIN to work on the following things during their fourth year: providing hard evidence, numbers proving efficiency and further concrete examples of what measures to take, how WPI is working and if it is working for both employees and employers - larger companies and SMEs. John Heap ended his contribution to the meeting by pointing out the mutually beneficiary relationship between the strategic partners and EUWIN by saying "When we win, euwin". 

More info on the EUWIN event on or soon to follow on the EUWIN webpages.


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